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By Richard Kaufman


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The enormous Larry Jennings book you've been waiting for.
A new Royal Road to Card Magic, Jennings style.

Over 120 Tricks / Over 120 Sleights and Techniques / 1,400 Photographs
Improve your basic card handling
New ways to do the sleights you think you know
Learn amazing tricks
No Passes, No Culls, No Palms, No Half Passes

Written by Richard Kaufman * Photos by Julie Eng
Oversized Hardcover * 582 Pages * Acid Free Art Paper * Sewn Binding to Lay Flat $120
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Out of Print

DeLand: Mystery and Madness

By Richard Kaufman
Introduction by Jim Steinmeyer

Available exclusively from Richard Kaufman

Full Color • 608 pages • Museum Quality Binding and Slipcase •Includes 54 Gimmicked Cards

$150, add $25 for shipping in the USA (Europe: $70, Canada: $45, everywhere else: $90).

The mad genius of card magic, Theodore DeLand, created over 100 tricks between 1904 and 1915. He was famous for his ingenious invention of specially printed gimmicked cards and marked decks, which for the first time allowed everyone to perform amazing tricks with no sleight of hand. He was among the most influential inventors of card magic in the 20th century. DeLand’s life has been a mystery for over 100 years, but diligent research has presented famed author Richard Kaufman with the opportunity to reveal DeLand’s deepest secrets, which led to his tragic end, in a book that combines magic with biography in a new way. All of DeLand’s miracles are presented in this lavish 608-page full-color over-sized volume weighing 10 pounds. A full deck of gimmicked cards printed specially for this book is also included.

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Ryan Matney Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert! is the big new book from Ryan Matney containing 50 effects and routines, with an introduction by John Bannon. Nothing difficult here; Spoiler Alert! is a book full of card material that you will be able to perform right away. And there are miracles a plenty!

Praise for Ryan Matney’s Previous Books

“I have been a fan of Ryan’s for a while now. Card Delusions is a delightful book full of interesting card magic. If you like refined, semi-automatic methods (like I do) and thoughtful, occasionally quirky presentations (like I do), you will thoroughly enjoy this collection (like I did).”
John Bannon

“In Card Delusions the material is technically undemanding and presentationally whimsical. That’s a good combination, and the result is card magic that’s fun to do.”
Max Maven

“Ryan Matney is a serious student of card magic, and this book is filled with well-conceived, well-written—and exceptionally well-credited—plots with pasteboards.” David Regal

“I’ve always admired Ryan’s knack for creating simple, elegant and subtle miracles. These effects are no exception. They are gold!”
Cameron Francis

“Ryan’s creations inhabit an enviable place where simplicity meets novelty. His real-world, bullet-proof methods support the sort of strong, clear plots that lead to requests for repeat performances, and his personable teaching style make this collection a pleasure to read and learn from. Ryan keeps a smile on everyone’s face—but still packs a punch.”
Gordon Bean

“I’ve been lucky enough to see and work on some of the routines in Ryan’s latest volume. If you like high impact card mysteries with sound, solid construction and minimal work I think you will enjoy what awaits you.”
John Carey

“What I like about Ryan Matney’s card magic is the tight construction and his attention to detail. He understands what makes a trick work, and he takes the most direct route, eliminating unnecessary sleights, thus keeping his routines lean and mean.”
Peter Duffie

232 pages * Oversize 8 1/2 by 11 hardcover with full color dustjacket
and hundreds of photographs

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$60 Postpaid in the USA
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By So Sato and Richard Kaufman
Illustrated by Tomoki Kawashima

A 200-page book and DVD

So Sato is the amazing cardman whose books published
in Japan sold out almost immediately, but who has
remained a complete mystery to those in the west.
So Sato is reluctantly explaining 35 of his most devious
creations with playing cards in his first English book …
his secrets are out! A remarkable mix of difficult sleight
of hand and self-working routines in one book that will
devastate any audience.

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Super Sized Silly
David Kaye

Including 152 Routines
400 pages, Hardcover
Teaches You
150 Lessons in Magic
For Kid Shows
from 104 Magicians

Featuring routines by kid show stars Mike Bent, Ken Scott, Doug Scheer, Master Payne, Terry Herbert, Jozo Bozo, Mark Daniel, Jim Kleefeld, Buster Balloon, Chris Capehart, John Bundy, Terry Parrett, and Norm Barnhart. Plus more from David Williamson, Eric Mead, David Oliver, Michael Finney and Max Maven.

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