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Buy 2 Get 3

100% Sankey
(Richard Kaufman) $42
Aftercraft: More Card Trickery
(J.K. Hartman) $40
Arcade Dreams: Non-Card Magic of Ed Marlo (Jon Racherbaumer) $40
Amazing Miracles of Shigeo Takagi (Richard Kaufman)  $45
The Berglas Efffect (Richard Kaufman and David Berglas) $140
CardMagic (Richard Kaufman) $50
Compleat Invocation Vol. 1 and 2 (Tony Andruzzi) $150
Complete Works of Derek Dingle (Richard Kaufman) $55
David Roth’s Expert Coin Magic (David Roth) $65
Discoverie of Witchcraft (Reginald Scot) $40
Duffie's Card Compulsion (Peter Duffie) $35
Five Times Five: Japan (Richard Kaufman) $45
Five Times Five: Scotland (Peter Duffie) $35
Folding Money Fooling (Robert Neale) $35
Gary Kurtz: Unexplainable Acts (Richard Kaufman) $40
Greater Artful Dodges of Eddie Fields (Jon Racherbaumer) $35
Japan Ingenious* (Steve Cohen and Richard Kaufman) $60
Jennings '67 (Richard Kaufman) $55
Labyrinth* (Stephen Hobbs)—Regular Edition $60
Labyrinth Deluxe Edition* (Stephen Hobbs)— Limited to 100 copies $100
Looking Glass (Vols 2-4) $30
Magic of Edward Victor’s Hands (Rae Hammond) $40
Mastering the Art of Magic (Eugene Burger) $65
Mysteries of My Life: René Lavand  (Rene Lavand) $50
The New Jinx (Bill Madsen) $60
New Magic of Japan (Richard Kaufman and Phil Goldstein) $45
Now You See It, Now You Don't Notebook (Bill Tarr) $35
The Performance of Close Up Magic (Eugene Burger) $45
Sankey Panky (Richard Kaufman) $35
Séance (Scott Davis) $75
Secrets of Brother John Hamman (Richard Kaufman) $55
The Secrets of So Sato* (So Sato and Richard Kaufman) $60
Seriously Silly (David Kaye) $50
Super Sized Silly* (David Kaye) $60
The Skinner Tapes* (Michael Skinner) $125
Spirit Theater (Eugene Burger) $50
Stanley Collins (Edwin Dawes) $75
Stanyon’s Serial Lessons in Conjuring (Ellis Stanyon) $35
Strange Ceremonies (Eugene Burger) $40
Swami/Mantra (Sam Dalal) $60
Tenyo-ism* (Richard Kaufman) $250
Trickery Treats: Card Craft Continued (J.K. Hartman) $40
Vis a Vis, A Jack Avis Book (Jack Avis/John Derris) $40

* Excluded from the 3 for 2 offer.

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