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Currently the only three books which may be ordered online through this website are Ryan Matney Spoiler Alert, The Secrets of So Sato, Super Sized Silly, and Tenyoism. You can order those here.

In order to purchase any other book, you may order directly through PayPal, and direct the payment to Please remember to include the name of the book or books you're ordering, plus your address, phone number, and email. Or, you can order by contacting the Genii office at or by calling 301-652-5800.

Below are items currently available from Kaufman and Company.

You can purchase all books and videos from the Kaufman and Company Store.  (Items may also be purchased by mail.)

Buy 2 Get 3

100% Sankey
(Richard Kaufman) $42
Aftercraft: More Card Trickery
(J.K. Hartman) $40
Arcade Dreams: Non-Card Magic of Ed Marlo (Jon Racherbaumer) $40
Amazing Miracles of Shigeo Takagi (Richard Kaufman)  $45
The Berglas Efffect (Richard Kaufman and David Berglas) $140
CardMagic (Richard Kaufman) $50
Compleat Invocation Vol. 1 and 2 (Tony Andruzzi) $150
Complete Works of Derek Dingle (Richard Kaufman) $55
David Roth’s Expert Coin Magic (David Roth) $65
Discoverie of Witchcraft (Reginald Scot) $40
Duffie's Card Compulsion (Peter Duffie) $35
Five Times Five: Japan (Richard Kaufman) $45
Five Times Five: Scotland (Peter Duffie) $35
Folding Money Fooling (Robert Neale) $35
Gary Kurtz: Unexplainable Acts (Richard Kaufman) $40
Greater Artful Dodges of Eddie Fields (Jon Racherbaumer) $35
Japan Ingenious* (Steve Cohen and Richard Kaufman) $60
Jennings '67 (Richard Kaufman) $55
Labyrinth* (Stephen Hobbs)—Regular Edition $60
Labyrinth Deluxe Edition* (Stephen Hobbs)— Limited to 100 copies $100
Looking Glass (Vols 2-4) $30
Magic of Edward Victor’s Hands (Rae Hammond) $40
Mastering the Art of Magic (Eugene Burger) $65
Mysteries of My Life: René Lavand  (Rene Lavand) $50
The New Jinx (Bill Madsen) $60
New Magic of Japan (Richard Kaufman and Phil Goldstein) $45
Now You See It, Now You Don't Notebook (Bill Tarr) $35
The Performance of Close Up Magic (Eugene Burger) $45
Sankey Panky (Richard Kaufman) $35
Séance (Scott Davis) $75
Secrets of Brother John Hamman (Richard Kaufman) $55
The Secrets of So Sato* (So Sato and Richard Kaufman) $60
Seriously Silly (David Kaye) $50
Super Sized Silly* (David Kaye) $60
The Skinner Tapes* (Michael Skinner) $125
Spirit Theater (Eugene Burger) $50
Stanley Collins (Edwin Dawes) $75
Stanyon’s Serial Lessons in Conjuring (Ellis Stanyon) $35
Strange Ceremonies (Eugene Burger) $40
Swami/Mantra (Sam Dalal) $60
Tenyo-ism* (Richard Kaufman) $250
Trickery Treats: Card Craft Continued (J.K. Hartman) $40
Vis a Vis, A Jack Avis Book (Jack Avis/John Derris) $40

* Excluded from the 3 for 2 offer.

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